Our Services

(Inspector General of Registration & Stamps)

We assist the Government in computerising the State Offices of the Inspector General of Registration & Stamps and Data Centre in Maharashtra. The Department is engaged in registration of documents and recovery of stamp duty, as per the Indian Stamps Act.

As part of the project, we support the Government in registration of marriages, societies, firms and non-trading companies.

The project is aimed towards simplification of the registration process, market value identification and appropriation, delivering time-bound services, ensuring centralised record keeping and increasing the Department's overall efficiency.
Our Scope of Activities include:
•  Site preparation for IGRS State offices and Data Centre
•  Development of web-based software application
•  Operation of Nagpur SRO offices on BOT basis
•  Establishing WAN and LAN to collect IGRS offices
•  Operation and maintenance of complete solution
•  Training and help-desk management