Corporate Governance

Vakrangee Limited's philosophy on Corporate Governance is founded upon a rich legacy of fair, ethical and transparent governance practices. Corporate Governance is that crucial muscle which encourages and moves a viable and accessible financial reporting structure and enables a transparent system. Through the Governance mechanism in the Company, the Board along with its Committees have undertaken fiduciary responsibilities to all their stakeholders by ensuring transparency, fair play and independence in decision-making.

At Vakrangee, our aspirations have always been of protecting, strengthening and aligning together the interest of all the stakeholders. To satisfy this, we strive hard to implement and continue to follow our core values which are "Belief in people, Entrepreneurship, Customer orientation and pursuit of excellence." Your Company endeavours to put in the right pedestal blocks for future growth and to ensure that we achieve our ambitions in a prudent and sustainable manner with strict adherence to best corporate governance practices.

The Board of Directors manage the affairs of the company in the best interest of shareholders, providing necessary guidance and strategic vision. The Board also ensures the Company's management and employees operate with the highest degree of ethical standards. Over the years, governance processes and systems have been strengthened and institutionalised at Vakrangee.